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Vat Promised Pegasus2 R4 4-bay 16tb (4x 4tb Ironwolf Pro) Thunderbolt 2

Vat Promised Pegasus2 R4 4-bay 16tb (4x 4tb Ironwolf Pro) Thunderbolt 2

Vat Promised Pegasus2 R4 4-bay 16tb (4x 4tb Ironwolf Pro) Thunderbolt 2    Vat Promised Pegasus2 R4 4-bay 16tb (4x 4tb Ironwolf Pro) Thunderbolt 2

Tv promised pegasus2 r4 4-bay 16tb (4x 4tb ironwolf pro) thunderbolt 2. The description of this item has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Promise technology raid thunderbolt enclosure pegasus2 r4 4 bay raid enclosure, 16 to (4 x 4 tb ironwolf pro), 2 x 2 Thunderbolt, garland with video pass through. Promise pegasus2 is the storage solution of choice for pros and amateur audio / video media around the world.

And now, with the new thunderbolt 2 at 20 gb / s offers even faster performance while at the same time ensuring business reliability and ease of use. Raid pegasus2 r4 provides easy entry point into the family of storage solutions of 2 thunderbolts. Pegasus2 is the fastest 2 Thunderbolt storage solution in the world and provides professionals and audio / video / graphics enthusiasts with raw power to easily experiment with new possibilities.

Professionals who use Final Cut can acquire, mount and play multiple 4444 and prores 422 (hq) streams, 10-bit HD video and uncompressed 12-bit, while protecting valuable workflows, creative audio sessions and other media. Simple, flexible and economical backup solution for use at home. A fast, secure and reliable external storage solution is essential to protect valuable files such as music, photos and videos.

Family pegasus2 hardware raid capabilities protect your information and, at the same time, provide a high level of reliability. So, even in the case of a disk failure, you will not lose your memories and important data. The pegasus2 family provides fast performance with popular applications such as iTunes, iPhoto, Imovie, Garageband, Photoshop and Media Center. And with time machine under x, you can save your digital files and important documents to pegasus2, or even your entire computer or workstation.

Easy to use, calm and respectful of the sustainable environment. Pegasus2 systems are intuitive, preconfigured and ready-to-use: just remove them from the box and connect them. State information, management tools and advanced settings are available since the promised promise included. Designed to be eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant, pegasus2 is perfect for small offices and small and medium businesses.

Pegasus2 is an enterprise class raid storage solution to protect your data, work with a variety of raid levels and can automatically handle errors. 5/6 4-bay hardware solution raid featuring thunderbolt.

Performance blisters for creative professionals, content creation rich media and high-resolution video. Maximize thunderbolt's available line rate 2.

Video creators, photographers, graphic designers and engineers can transfer and view 4k video files at the same time at lightning speed. Create, edit, and view 4k live video streams while at the same time back up files to the system. Thunderbolt two ports for daisy chaining pegasus2 speaker units, thunderbolt displays or mini displayport devices.

Removable disk bays for easy access by car and ease of maintenance. Fence material for the 4 bay 4-bay racks 4 bay seawolf ironwolf pro. Thunderbolt 2 x 2 technology ports (20 gbp s). 0, 1, 5, 6, 10.

Height: in / 7.5 19.2 cm width: 9.6 in / 24.5 cm length: in / < / span> 18.7 cm. 15 lb / 6.8 kg. Os x . Retedireti is a serious and reliable company with a real warehouse with hundreds of items available for immediate delivery! This article is one of those present in our warehouse, if not what you were looking for to try to send us a request for information, we will be available to try the solution that meets your needs.

We are equipped with hundreds of new and used items among the best brands for networking and information technologies like ibm; lenovo; cisco; apc; hp; microsoft; synology; western digital; seagate; axis; d-link; netgear; qnap and many others. It is in the category "computers, networks \ blank media, hard disks \ hard disks (hdd, ssd, nas) \ network storage domest (nas)". The seller is "retedireti" and is located in padova, pd. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  1. brand: promise technology
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: pegasus2 r4
  3. ean: not applicable

Vat Promised Pegasus2 R4 4-bay 16tb (4x 4tb Ironwolf Pro) Thunderbolt 2    Vat Promised Pegasus2 R4 4-bay 16tb (4x 4tb Ironwolf Pro) Thunderbolt 2