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Synology Ds216j Ds 216j 216 Raid Nas Server 4000 Go GB 2 X 2000 4 Tb Neuf

Synology Ds216j Ds 216j 216 Raid Nas Server 4000 Go GB 2 X 2000 4 Tb Neuf

Synology Ds216j Ds 216j 216 Raid Nas Server 4000 Go GB 2 X 2000 4 Tb Neuf    Synology Ds216j Ds 216j 216 Raid Nas Server 4000 Go GB 2 X 2000 4 Tb Neuf

Synology ds216j ds 216j 216 raid nas server 4000 go gb 2 x 2000 4 tb new. This product sheet has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. +++ will be - s e r v i c e - still great writing! + + + you will be very satisfied + + + blow to our other offer also high to save the postage costs! The name of the product. Private and nas server synology ds216j kostengunstiger fur small offices for home use including 2 quality 2000go sata hard drive bundle!

(ie the system has a total capacity of 4000 GB). Please note that this system made with hard disk manufacturers / hard drive model is compatible!

We now have "12 years of experience in nas / raid server solutions" and can you guarantee us a 100% match and performates system gives! The ds216j is designed for home and home users.

With a dual-core cpu, this 2-bay nas is intuitive and powerful at the same time, to ensure that it's dispute-free streaming multimedia data sharing, as well as seamless file synchronization for all users. Perfect for home offices and private use to accumulate your personal cloud. The simple yet powerful synology ds216j offers sleek design with sleek lines and a brand new user experience. Data sharing, streaming media and cloud synchronization were never easier. This is just an example, because now the dsm 6.

X is up to date! The highlights in one go. > versatile personal cloud storage solution for everyday use. > cpu dual-core with hardware encryption engine. > 112.75 mb / s (reading), 97.6 mo / s (writing) 1.

> adjustable brightness from front to leds. > user friendly, web-based operating system for all browsers. > built-in dlna media server supports multimedia streaming.

> Clock tower of available download servers without pc. > certified multimedia server dlna.

> Secure raid data protection. > multi-platform file synchronization - with synology cloud station, you can synchronize your files between diskstation, pc and mobile terminals automatically. > wireless multimedia streaming - the ds216j turns your living room into a multimedia entertainment center.

> available anytime - you access from anywhere via mobile apps for iphone by synology on your diskstation. Cloud of versatile staff for every day. Synology ds216j is a nas with 2 bays and cpu dual-core.

The unit is designed for indoor and private use and offers nas servers with 2 drawers, one of the best disney in the market. In a raid 1 configuration in a windows® environment, the ds216j has reached speeds of more than 112.75 mb / s (read) and 97.6 m / s (write). Synology ds216j is equipped with a dedicated hardware encryption module that supports cpu encryption calculation.

Transfer speeds both offer 3.0 usb ports 10 times higher than lusb 2.0. The ds216j is equipped with a LED front, whose helligkeit is adjustable in 4 steps. The brightness can be changed automatically according to a user-defined schedule. Ds216j is powerful and efficient. The low power consumption of 14.85W in operation and 6.95W in standby mode helps to reduce operating costs and preserve the environment. On the ds216j, synology sexecute diskstation manager with a multitude of feature-rich applications to make your daily life more comfortable than ever before. The synology ds216j offers full network protocol support, the experience of seamless file sharing between windows, mac®- and linux® platforms. Windows ad and ldap integration allows fast and easy integration of ds216j in an existing network environment without user accounts have to be created. Cloud sync maintains synchronization of your memory with dropbox, google home car, microsoft onedrive, baidu and box with your personal diskstation. The suite of the cloud station allows you to file between several devices, including windows pc, mac, linux, ios sync and android tablet or smartphones, so everything effortlessly up to date remains. While you enjoy seamless file sharing, the entire file sharing via internet using https, firewall and auto-block ip, which are supported by the ds216j, is highly protected.

Compatible devices dlna accesses the content shared in the ds216j in the same local network, without which one had to fight with the authorization parameters. You can not only provide your multimedia files without prior configuration, synology mobile applications turn your movies from mobile device, photos into a remote control for your ds216j.

And can be instantly on your tv or your players listening to music whatever is in your hands. The ds216j includes many tools for easy and comfortable management of your multimedia files. The intuitive station station design allows for effortless organizer photos in customizable categories, smart albums and blog posts. With just a few clicks, you can share your photos on popular social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, flickr or weibo.

Audio station has an integrated flash plugin, internet radio and dlna, airplay in favor of ® and bluetooth speaker for high quality reproduction. With video station you can watch movies and TV shows online and record your favorite shows with dvb-t, dvb-s - or dtmb tuners.

Quickconnect and ez-internet configure your ds216j for easy and easy access to the internet. As well as synology mobile applications have you made with the ds216j from anywhere and at any time to access your favorite content. With photo of ds, ds audio and video of ds have everywhere access to your multimedia files; with ds download, ds file and ds cloud can you download files smoothly, view and sync. Synology diskstation manager (dsm) running. Synology diskstation manager (dsm) is a web-based operating system designed specifically for nas synology. With an intuitive multitasking user interface, dsm provides a desktop user experience, to minimize the effort, browse and manage diskstation. With the integrated center set, you can download a variety of packages, from a backup via multimedia, business, security and utilities. With all built-in and complementary features provides full and fine-grained access control for your ds216j dsm and helps you maximize your productivity and make the most of your digital content. Energy efficiency with low temperature generation and silent design.

The ds216j has been designed in terms of energy saving. The 92 x 92 mm fan and intelligent design keep the system cool around the clock and noise reduction ensures that the device is quieter than their pc counterparts. HDD hibernation can further reduce energy consumption and cost of operation. All synology products are produced with rohs compliant parts and packaged with recyclable packaging materials.

Synology recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen and continuously strives to reduce the environmental impact of each product. With the preinstalled software, the basic settings for semi-professional users are not a problem. You will be surprised, because here has been created an easy to use quality product!

We will gladly send you a video installation or product you advance, you can see how easy it is, the installation is a nas / raid! -the operating system is already installed on the server and thanks to easy and comfortable web management in the languages ​​german, english, french, italian and spanish, and very simple installation wizard is the server in a few minutes and is available in your network. Synology ds216j included 2 high quality 8.9 cm (3.5 "") beam of 2000go sata hard drive! The system has a total capacity of 4000 go.

Clock clock frequency: marvell armada 385 88f6820 dual core 1.0 ghz. Size of the ram: ddr3 512mo. Dimensions (WxHxD): 165 x 100 mm x 225.5 mm.

External hard drive interface: 2 x usb port 3.0. Lan: gigabit x 1 / wi-fi unterstützung2. Fan: x 1 (70 x 70 x 25 mm). Stromverbrauch5: 25 w (operation), 10 w (hibernation). File server / file browser server ftp bandwidth control customize range of ftp ports passive ftp anonymous transmission protocol. Web station virtual host (up to 30 websites) php / mysql alternative http alternative page support for third-party applications. Surveillance station max ip camera #: 10 a total of 300 fps in 720p, h. 264 with two free camera licenses.

Buying additional licenses is required. Download support station download protocols: bt / http / ftp / nzb / emule range of bittorrent ports customized bandwidth control bittorrent / emule. Audio station supports audio formats: (usb mode) aac, flac, m4a, mp3, ogg vorbis, wma, wma vbr; (streaming mode) mp3, m4a, m4b supported playlist format: m3u, wpl radio internet: shoutcast, radioactive. Support for multimedia server dlna / upnp certification dlna support for ps3 / xbox 360 support for audio formats: aac, flac, m4a, mp3, ogg, vorbis, pcm, wma, wma, wma mtg, mtg, mpeg, mpeg, mpeg2, mpeg2, mtg, mtg, mtg, mtg, mtg, mtg, mtg, (tiff), ufo, tmp (tiff), tp, tp, tv, vb, wmv, xvid, rv30, rv40, ac3, amr, wma3 supported image format: bmp, jpg, raw (arw, srf, sr2, dcr, k25, kdc, cr2 crw, nef, mrw, ptx, pef, raf, 3fr, inter, mef, mos, orf, rw2, dng, x3f) titles: srt, psb, smi, ate, ssa, sub, idx, ifo.

The supported itunes server audioformat6: mp3, m4a, m4p, wav, aif video format supported: m4v, mov, mp4 supported playlist format: m3u, wpl. Printer Server Maximum Printer Number: 2 protocol support: lpr, cifs, appletalk.

Iphone and apps android ds photo + ds audio ds camera. Supported clients windows xp, mac os x 10.7® up, ubuntu 12 up. Support for mobile devices (photo station, file station) iphone os 2.2.1 and above operating system android 1.5 and higher windows mobile (ie mobile or opera 9.0 and above) symbian os 9.1 (s60 3 rd edition and later) Language: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German Beautiful, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese Chinese and Turkish. What happens after the purchase? > an invoice with expelled VAT is of course your delivery!

> change of address: please send us a separate e-mail with billing and delivery address or reply via afterbuy on the confirmation email received. > cancellation conditions: as a consumer basically benefits you. Consult the cancellation policy booked on this page click here to see!

Or on the lebay me page->. > service even after your purchase. > state of delivery by email. Is a collection of reasons for organization is not possible - we ask you understanding. > we insert the afterbuy and guarantee you a professional auction, processing system! Expedition cost does not increase over time, even if you order multiple items from different auctions!

Just look at our era and a past and save shop. Note to take packing back. We visit again your debay team gs-tech electronics. The item "synology ds216j ds 216j 216 raid nas server 4000 go gb 2 x 2000 4 tb nine" is on sale since saturday 29 april 2017.

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  1. external interface1: usb 3.0
  2. external interface2: usb 2.0
  3. ean: 4260281265826
  4. functions1: automatic start / stop
  5. template: ds216j
  6. number of trees: 2
  7. storage capacity: 4tb
  8. brand: synology
  9. external interface: ethernet
  10. part number manufacturer: ds216j
  11. functions: built-in media server

Synology Ds216j Ds 216j 216 Raid Nas Server 4000 Go GB 2 X 2000 4 Tb Neuf    Synology Ds216j Ds 216j 216 Raid Nas Server 4000 Go GB 2 X 2000 4 Tb Neuf