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Qnap Ts-853a-8g Bay Server 8 Bay 8 GB GB Ddr3 Hdmi 4k Kodi (new / New)

Qnap Ts-853a-8g Bay Server 8 Bay 8 GB GB Ddr3 Hdmi 4k Kodi (new / New)
Qnap Ts-853a-8g Bay Server 8 Bay 8 GB GB Ddr3 Hdmi 4k Kodi (new / New)
Qnap Ts-853a-8g Bay Server 8 Bay 8 GB GB Ddr3 Hdmi 4k Kodi (new / New)
Qnap Ts-853a-8g Bay Server 8 Bay 8 GB GB Ddr3 Hdmi 4k Kodi (new / New)

Qnap Ts-853a-8g Bay Server 8 Bay 8 GB GB Ddr3 Hdmi 4k Kodi (new / New)    Qnap Ts-853a-8g Bay Server 8 Bay 8 GB GB Ddr3 Hdmi 4k Kodi (new / New)
8-bay nas server with 8 GB of RAM (without hard disk). A private cloud solution well done to centralize storage and iot applications. In response to the advent of the Internet of Things (iot) era, the ts-853a is innovatively offering the open source Linux platform as a gateway for iot solutions and other intelligent solutions. The ts-853a allows users to run linux applications directly, take advantage of a private cloud that combines storage and iot applications, and professional developers can create and run iot applications directly on the ts-853a. Secure, reliable, it is packed with features like volume / lun snapshots and file and directory rollbacks to go back in case of a problem.

The ts-853a is powered by the latest quad-core intel celeron processor that allows users to enjoy 4k h videos. 264 in real time, even transcoded in 1080p or displayed directly from the ts-853a on a hd / 4k display. Qts-linux, two combined systems ready for the iot era. The ts-853a's dual qts-linux system is based on qnap's advanced virtualization technologies.

The ts-853a's revolutionary architecture allows users to not only download applications from the qts app center, but also to develop and use iot packages for linux and display them using its hdmi outputs. With the ts-853a you can develop and install various on-demand iot packages and centralize data on the ts-853a, benefiting from secure private storage and a development solution. Simply plug a keyboard, mouse and hdmi screen into the ts-853a and use linux as if you were on a pc. You can also use linux in remote office via a browser for instant management. Intel celeron n3150 quad-core processor designed for multitasking efficiency. The ts-853a is equipped with the new 14-nm quad-core processor intel celeron n3150 clocked at 1.6 ghz, 8 GB ram ddr3l-1600, 4 gigabit network ports, sata disks 6 gbits / s. Capable of delivering read performance of up to 420 MB / s, the ts-853a can automatically increase its processor frequency from 1.6 ghz to 2.08 ghz when intensive tasks require it.

The ts-853a's accelerated hardware accelerated hardware encryption engine delivers encryption performance of up to 420 MB / s with full 256-bit encryption of NAS volumes and shared files, boosting system performance while ensuring the protection of sensitive business data stored on ts-853a. Dual hdmi outputs - easily switch from hd station to linux desktop. The ts-853a comes with two hdmi outputs to use two displays at the same time in a mirror or extended configuration. In mirror configuration, both displays show the same content, while the extended mode allows users to display applications on two screens for easier multitasking and increased productivity. You can also choose to display the linux desktop and use the ts-853a as a pc.

Enjoy your videos on TV in hdmi with the included remote control. Qnap hd station integrates the kodi media player and a web browser. HDMI connectivity gives you the ability to connect your ts-853a to a hdmi tv to enjoy the richness of your multimedia content and 4k h videos. 264 on the big screen.

The stunning user interface, 7.1 audio passthrough support, and the ts-235a's powerful real-time transcoding capabilities make it easy to play 4k videos smoothly. You can even watch youtube videos, surf the web and manage the ts-853a using a multilingual keyboard.

Hd station supports multitasking and user authentication so that only authorized users can access stored data. The ts-853a includes a qnap remote control so you can easily control hd station through its built-in IR receiver. With its new smart learning feature, you can pair up to three IR remote controls and program the buttons and features you use frequently.

From now on, you will never live in fear of losing or damaging your dedicated remote control. You can also turn your mobile devices into remote controls by installing the qremote app. Transcoding video 4k offline and in real time. With its 8th generation intel hd graphics system, the ts-853a can be used to decode the 4k h material. 264 and offer real-time video transcoding to universal 1080p formats that can be played on PCs, mobile devices or smart TVs.

The ts-853a also allows you to designate a dedicated folder for automatic video transcoding. Qts 4.2 - simple and effective. With qts 4.2's intuitive user interface, your nas experience is smarter, smoother, and more dramatic, and its smart desktop lets you quickly find the features you want, create desktop shortcuts, or group shortcuts.

Monitor important system information in real time and open multiple application windows to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, improving your work efficiency. Qts abolishes device boundaries, platform boundaries, and geographic boundaries, and provides you with optimized cloud experiences. It includes additional advanced features, including lun / volume snapshots, remote connection to public cloud services under station queue, multi-zone media system, and more.

Disaster recovery solutions bring peace of mind. Ts-853a offers a variety of data recovery options. Rtrr (real-time remote replication) allows real-time or scheduled data backup from a remote qnap nas or ftp server and synchronization of files in a remote folder from a local folder with better backup efficiency and reduced backup time. You can take advantage of a system of versioning backups to preserve a number of versions of your choice according to a range of time, a total number of versions or a versioning intelligent with a system of automatic rotation. The ts-853a also supports the rsync protocol for backing up data to another remote server via programming.

In addition, data can be backed up to cloud storage, such as amazon s3, amazon glacier, microsoft azure, elephantdrive, symform, dropbox and google cloud storage, and can be restored to ts-853a at any time. Restore your files with snapshot. Qts storage manager adds an easy-to-use web snapshot tool so you can back up and restore ts-853a data at any point in time to prevent the loss of important data.

You can create volume and lun snapshots, replicate them efficiently to remote servers by copying only the changes you have made, and quickly clone a volume / lun snapshot without interrupting the current system operations. You can even configure the system to automatically create a snapshot of the volume before a backup via rtrr / rsync, even if files are open.

Qsirch a smarter and faster way to search. The ts-253 is compatible with qsirch, the proprietary search engine for finding files quickly. In addition to thumbnail previews, qsirch now allows you to find and preview gmail emails saved on the ts-853a. Qsirch even remembers your search history, allowing you to quickly navigate to files you have previously searched for.

Qsirch is a huge productivity factor that significantly reduces the time it takes to find files on the nas, allowing you to focus on other tasks. The reworked interface of qsirch 2.1 even adds a chrome google extension that allows you to search for files on your nas directly when you use google search. The ts-853a is also an iscsi / ip-not compatible vmware and citrix storage system as well as microsoft hyper-v and windows server 2012, enhancing the flexibility of deployments and management in virtualized environments. Ts-853a is compatible vmware vaai and microsoft odx to increase performance by unloading the server load for esxi server and hyper-v, and being compatible with qnap vsphere client plug-in and qnap smi-s provider with improved operational efficiency and virtual application management.

Virtualization station allows you to host virtual machines (vm) on the ts-853a and access them via your browser or vnc. Virtualization station is compatible with many operating systems, fast vm creation, vm backup and restore, vm import and export, snapshots and allows you to manage and centralize your vm. Virtualization station uses sdn (software-defined networks) allowing ts-853a and its vm to share the same lan port. You can also download virtual machines on demand from online vm markets and import them into a ts-853a without any complicated procedures. Qnap container station integrates the lxc and docker lightweight virtualization technologies that allow you to run multiple isolated linux systems on the ts-853a, as well as download applications via the built-in hub dock docker.

Container Station also supports the online document application, which allows you to view, edit, and store files of various types on your computer at any time, including office documents, images, and text files. Cross-platform file sharing, centralized storage of data. The ts-853a supports the smb / cifs, nfs and afp protocols for file sharing on windows, mac and linux / unix networks. It is possible to centrally store cd and dvd data, logs and iso images on ts-853a and protect them with an integrated antivirus solution. The windows ad and ldap services allow system administrators to configure user permissions by using a ldap server, windows ad, or an integrated ldap service.

The ts-853a supports samba v4 and can behave like a windows domain controller to handle privilege setting. Intelligent backup solutions for data security. Qnap netbak replicator allows data backup in real time or scheduled on windows including archiving outlook messages. Apple time machine is also supported to provide Mac OS X users with a solution to effortlessly back up data on the ts-853a. The usb 3.0 port on the front panel of the ts-853a incorporates a one-touch copy function that allows you to back up data on external disks on the ts-853a with one click and vice versa.

A wide range of third-party backup software such as acronis true image and symantec backup exec are also supported. In an open network environment, business data may be vulnerable to potential hacking. The ts-853a offers many security options, such as encrypted access, ip blocking, and more.

In addition, IT administrators can control each user's access rights to different folders, preventing unauthorized access to important files. The ts-853a provides validated 140-22 bit 256-bit military-grade encryption, which prevents unauthorized access or violation of sensitive business data, even if the hard drives of the entire system have been stolen. Secure access with vpn and proxy server.

The ts-853a can be used as a vpn server with l2tp / ipsec, openvpn and pptp, allowing you to securely access shared data on the local network. The ts-853a can also be used as a vpn client to securely connect other VPN servers or virtual private networks pptp and openvpn. The vpn client also allows your nas to connect to multiple servers at the same time.

You can also connect your devices to your nas and thus to your vpn server at home to access your data on the lan. In addition, you can connect via your nas to vpn servers in the united states to access geographically locked content such as netflix or hulu in hd station. The ts-853a offers you many vpn options and helps you secure your data transfers. It can also act as a highly configurable proxy server thanks to its dedicated package from the cache size through the transmission protocols to the registration of pages visited or content control to limit the use of the Internet. Other options include a job log that can remember the user's habits and preferences, and squidclamav, a proxy server antivirus that provides the most secure connection possible.

Synchronization of files on multiple devices and clouds. The qsync utility turns your ts-853a into a secure, high-capacity data center for file synchronization. Any file transferred to the ts-853a will be accessible to all connected devices, such as desktops, laptops or mobile devices. Qsync qsync is especially useful for people who move frequently because it gives them the ability to manage their files and always have up-to-date files on their devices. You can also install the cloud drive sync application through the qts app center. You will be able to synchronize files with the google drive and dropbox cloud storage spaces. Qnap Oceanktv is the first application of karaoke on nas, allowing you to enjoy it without leaving your home. The ts-853a offers high capacity storage to hold up to thousands of 1080p karaoke songs. Simply plug your TV screen to the ts-853a via its hdmi port and start singing with oceanktv.

4 interface themes are provided to create the best atmosphere, and with the oceanktv mobile app you can control the system from your phone or tablet. More than a nas, the ts-853a is a karaoke machine for singing entertainment. Enjoy alone or with your friends! High quality audio effects with dual microphone input and line out. The ts-853a offers two dynamic 6.3mm microphone ports.

Compared with the average reception quality of usb microphones, the ts-853a offers much greater clarity thanks to its 20-bit adc converter. In addition, the ts-853a incorporates a 24-bit dac able to send signals via the output line out to an amplifier and thus offer you a clean stereo sound. By offering excellent audio input / output features as well as several associated applications, the ts-853a brings you a fantastic audiovisual experience.

Complete monitoring solution for optimum security at all times. Station Monitoring is a professional network video surveillance management system (vms) offering an easy-to-use interface.

It is compatible with no less than 3,000 ip camera models and expandable through the purchase of additional licenses for ip camera channels. It supports real-time monitoring, recording and video and audio playback with a wide range of customizable options. You can install the vmobile app on your ios or android devices to manage monitoring channels anytime and anywhere to secure your office environment, or install the vcam mobile app to turn your device into Network camera capable of instantly recording on your ts-853a. The ts-853a is offered with 4 free ip camera channels, but you can increase this number up to 40 channels by purchasing additional licenses. On-demand installable applications that expand the functionality of the nas. In addition to these preinstalled applications, the ts-853a includes an app center that provides a variety of free apps that can be installed instantly on demand and developed by qnap or third-party developers.

These applications include backup / synchronization, business and content management, communication, download, entertainment, and more. It is also a centralized location for managing and updating installed applications. An extension of the capabilities with ease. The ts-853a supports capacity expansion, just plug in a qnap extension box.

With the qnap upgrade solution, raw capacity can be expanded on demand, making the ts-853a an ideal file center for business applications that consume a lot of storage space such as video surveillance, data archiving and the storage of television shows, just to name a few. With qjbod express support (roaming jbod enclosures), you only need to connect a large qnap expansion box to the ts-853a. This will allow you to migrate data to another via the jbod box, without a network connection. Linux compatible with a direct output by hdmi. Double HDMI output for a mirror or extended desktop.

Accelerated hardware encryption for performance up to 420 MB / s. Manages hardware decoding 4k and transcodes video in 4k h. 264 on the fly or offline. Quickly find files using qsirch 2.1 real-time natural search.

NAS and iscsi-san unified storage solution for virtualization. Compatible vmware, citrix, microsoft hyper-v and advanced virtualization features. Hybrid approach to virtualization in a nas: virtualization station and container station.

Build your own personal karaoke system with high quality audio outputs and the oceanktv app. 24 screws for hdd 2.5. 32 screws for hdd 3.5. Intel celeron n3150 (1.6 ghz). 4 x gigabit ethernet - rj45 female. 8 x serial ata 6gb / s (sata 3).

0, 1, jbod, 5, 10, 5 + spare, 6, single disk. Ext3, fat32, ntfs, ext4, hfs +. 2 x microphone (6.35mm jack), 1 x line out (3.5mm female jack), 2 x female hdmi, 4 x usb 3.0.

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Qnap Ts-853a-8g Bay Server 8 Bay 8 GB GB Ddr3 Hdmi 4k Kodi (new / New)    Qnap Ts-853a-8g Bay Server 8 Bay 8 GB GB Ddr3 Hdmi 4k Kodi (new / New)