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Qnap Ts-453a-8g Nas 8gb Ram, New Device + Invoice

Qnap Ts-453a-8g Nas 8gb Ram, New Device + Invoice
Qnap Ts-453a-8g Nas 8gb Ram, New Device + Invoice
Qnap Ts-453a-8g Nas 8gb Ram, New Device + Invoice

Qnap Ts-453a-8g Nas 8gb Ram, New Device + Invoice    Qnap Ts-453a-8g Nas 8gb Ram, New Device + Invoice

Qnap ts-453a-8g nas 8gb ram, new device + invoice. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. New device with invoice and warranty.

Optional: we will create a custom quote on the hard drive of the assembly. Tb 1 to 6 for continuous operation.

Intel® celeron® n3150 up to 2.08 ghz quad core 4 curs. 4gb ddr3 ram- 10 years warranty. 3 x usb, 2 x ethernet, hdmi, dc.

4 free hard disk slots. Let's start today with virtualization. In response to the upcoming Internet of the Internet of Things (ido) ts 453a in an innovative way from the open-source linux platform as a gateway for lito solutions on other smart devices. The TS 453a allows the direct use of different loaded linux based applications, private cloud usage that combines memory and ito applications, users and professional developers can run developed and direct lito applications on the TS 453a.

The secure and reliable TS 453a includes many features, including snapshot volume / lun, which allows files / folders to be reset to a previous state in case of file damage or data loss. The TS 453a is the latest intel®-celeron® quad-core processor pushed, allowing users 4 hrs. 264 can enjoy video playback and 1080p / 4k-echtzeitvideotranskodierung directly from the ts-453a to a hd / 4k screen.

Os® supports linux with direct output via hdmi. Dual HDMI output for switching between extended desktop and dual. Hardware acceleration of aes-ni encryption for good cryptographic performance up to 412 MB / s. Supports 4k-hardwaredekodierung and 4k-h transccode. Fast file detection through natural real-time search with qsirch 2.1. Nas and iscsi san solution - unified storage for virtualization. Vmware®, citrix®, microsoft® hyper-v and advanced virtualization capabilities.

A hybrid approach to virtualization in a nas: virtualization and station container. Set up a personal karaoke system with high quality audio output with the new oceanktv app. Systems of double qts linux, equipped for lère of lito. Ts qnap dual qts linux systems 453a based on advanced virtualization technologies.

The TS 453a's revolutionary architecture allows users to download not only a lot of apps from the center, but also the development or use of dito packages for linux® and display via the hdmi output. With the ts-453a, you can develop different iot packages as required and install and central store data on the ts-453a, allowing you to benefit from a secure storage and private development platform. Just plug an HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse to the ts 453a and use linux as a pc. Can also linux station as an external desktop using a web browser for immediate administrative use. Linux station is available from qt 4.2.

Use linux station, should be taken by the lapp center install. The external desktop function does not support external audio output. § 1 scope of the agreement. § 3 conclusion of the language of the contract. Auction ads can also be connected to the purchase option.

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These general conditions and click on the respective purchase contract is exclusively the German law excluding the purchase of a right. In the case where the buyer is a consumer, this applies only to the extent that the protection is removed by imperative requirements of the state law in which the consumer has his habitual residence. If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions totally or partially invalid, this shall not be the validity of the remaining provisions. Usb 1.1 // 1.1. The item "qnap ts-453a-8g nas 8gb ram, new device + bill" is on sale since Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

It is in the category "computers, networks \ blank media, hard disks \ hard disks ( hdd, ssd, nas) \ domest network storage (nas) ". The seller is "it-to-go" and is located in berlin.

This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe, Asia.

  1. main memory: 8 gb
  2. ean: 4712511128567
  3. template: ts-453a
  4. number of trees: 4
  5. storage capacity: without hard drive system
  6. brand: qnap
  7. external interface: usb 1.1 // 1.1, ethernet, usb 2.0, usb 3.0
  8. Manufacturer Part Number: 000453a
  9. disk interface: sata, sata ii, sata iii
  10. functions: automatic switching on / off
  11. manufacturer warranty: 2 years

Qnap Ts-453a-8g Nas 8gb Ram, New Device + Invoice    Qnap Ts-453a-8g Nas 8gb Ram, New Device + Invoice