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Nas Asustor As-3202t System, 1gb Lan 2-bay

Nas Asustor As-3202t System, 1gb Lan 2-bay

Nas Asustor As-3202t System, 1gb Lan 2-bay    Nas Asustor As-3202t System, 1gb Lan 2-bay
Nas system asustor as-3202t, 1gb lan 2-bay. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to the powerful quadricur intel processor, the as3202t has also improved graphics performance. The processor offers high reliability of operation, but also support for multitasking and playback of multimedia content in 4 k / uhd-resolution.

Transcoding videos in real time or using the calendar function is also supported. This allows an optimal reading experience, no matter what type of terminal is used. Equipped with intel celeron processor (improved graphics performance). Local media multi hdmi edition (4k multi-channel sound, 1080p, high definition). Hand screw design, installation without tools.

Cover of the elegant diamond designed. Equipped with intel celeron processor.

As3202t are powered by intel celeronl quad core processors, are equipped with 2GB dual channel memory and support read speeds of around 112 MB / s and write speeds of around 110 MB / s in raid 1 configuration. The as61 / as62 models are the first nas devices worldwide that support dual channel memory, without any interruption of playing 4k-videos and powered by the latest intel celeron braswell processors. In addition, as32 series hardware is not only energy efficient, but also offers an unprecedented price / performance ratio in its class. Get ready, brilliant ultra high definition 4k-to enjoy videos in your own home!

Through the schiebedesign of the outer coating of the AS32 series can be if necessary easily removed. The internal hard drive rails and the outer cover use hand screws, all of which allows for easy installation of hard drives without the need for additional tools. Give a modern touch to his favorite place. As32 series materials redefine the aesthetics of a nas. The chic diamond cover designed elegantly integrates into any room, regardless of whether the family room, living room or office. Your privacy has for top asustor priority. Die as32 hardware series featured integrated verschlüsselungsengines, which perfectly protects the data from the moment of their storage on the nas.

You should never worry about your confidential data in the wrong hands, even if your hard drives are lost or stolen. The integrated hardwareverschlüsselungsengine encrypted data also features speeds of around 111 MB / s and so 79 MB / s, speed description offers an optimal combination of security performance and file system. You have to worry more about compatibility resolution issues, if you play videos on your phone, tablet or your computer. The media converter uses a quick and easy conversion method, which allows you to perform background conversion tasks.

The exclusive integrated hyper-transcoding technology developed by asustor fachmannisch. This technology uses intel hardware acceleration hardware, built to convert video files faster and easier than ever before. The use of hyper-transcoding to convert video files can reduce the normal conversion period at least 10 times.

Construction of the ultimate home multimedia cluster. Enjoy exciting digital entertainment with asustor nas. Thanks to the integrated HDMI interface and countless applications, you will be able to enjoy all your favorite multimedia on the nas via direct connection to your lcd / led tv or amplifier. Ausstor nas supports full-HD (1080p) output, you can record your movies, tv shows, music and high-resolution photos. And on the central Asustor app, you can install additional media server applications, such as upnp multimedia - and itunes server, so your nas streams multimedia content to your computers, TVs, and mobile devices. You can also add a surround sound amplifier for an unprecedented, high-resolution multichannel sound experience. Imagine, your favorite sports movie and be wrapped up by the tubes of the engines. Feel the excitement and thrill of speed while listening to pass between cars. Get ready for an unparalleled entertainment experience that will inspire you. Customer service even more reliable. Asustor the extended warranty for all its products for three years, while still occupies a high priority customer service. It is the mission of asustors to continue to offer the highest quality products with the most reliable and attentive customer service and technical support from its customers. Festplatte (n) nicht im lieferumfang. The item "asustor as-3202t nas system, 1gb lan 2-bay" is on sale since Thursday, March 29, 2018.

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  2. brand: asustor
  3. template: as-3202t
  4. Manufacturer Part Number: 90ix00q1-bw3s10
  5. ean: 4710474830756

Nas Asustor As-3202t System, 1gb Lan 2-bay    Nas Asustor As-3202t System, 1gb Lan 2-bay